Bike Medic


You have just seen an amazing bike for Sale on Trade Me, and you're just about to click that all important Place Bid or better yet Buy Now, when that little voice inside your head says, I wonder what this bike really looks like, is it really worth the money, are there any problems that will make this bike an expensive buy?

Let the Bike Medic take all the worry away for you.

For $50, I will contact the owner, make a time to view the bike, do a full 30 point check-up, and send the report straight to you

The Bike Medic Warrant covers a comprehensive check of the bikes mechanical safety, and roadworthiness.

This service isn't limited to Trade Me deals either. If you have seen a bike advertised in your local paper, on Sella, in The Trade and Exchange, or sitting on the side of the road with a For Sale sign strapped to it, just give me a call on 022 4245363 or click here to email me and I will check it out and give you an honest opinion